Training Plans

Triathlon Training

See Training Diary posts for my 10-week build up to the New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon ’09 and periodical training weeks from 2010.

Marathon Training

2:09 EventsFrom December 08 through to the London Marathon 09 I followed a modified 55-75 miles per week Mike Gratton marathon programme aimed at Club and County runners.

I substituted the weekend 1-hr steady run for a long bike ride and the 30-min easy twice weekly morning runs for 30-40mins in the pool. The idea was to maintain enough run work to complete the marathon whilst also introducing swimming slowly into my schedule, along with getting my bike legs back through riding once a week.

I’ve followed Mike Gratton programmes for my last four marathons and recommend them. Note that they require a seven-day-a-week commitment and on the two more advanced programmes degrees of training twice daily.

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