Back pain

I’m injured. And in possibly the most absurd and ignominious manner. The cause? Rolling over in bed. The result? Classic upper back muscle strain in the supraspinatus and infraspinatus area.


Upper back skeletal and musculature


The large muscles around the scapula are often injured through repetitive movement, over-exertion or as a result of lack of strength. My back muscle tone is good, but I suspect more strength work on core and upper body musculature will be important for the Ironman. 

If you’ve had back pain before, you’ll be familiar with the debilitating robot-like movements and hunched-back feeling it causes. For muscle pain I find the best self-help treatments – in addition to rest – are icing and applying Biofreeze, an ibuprofen gel designed for relief from minor aches and pains throughout the body.



If the problem persists, a massage or medical advice will be required. Knowing my own body I’m confident it will heal with a few days rest – as frustrating as that is.