365 days on the road to Ironman

Hawaii, February 1978. Fifteen brave contestants line up on Sans Souci Beach. In front of them lies a combination of three major endurance events: the Waikiki Rough Water Swim; the annual Oahu bike race; and the Honolulu Marathon. “Whoever finishes first, we’ll call him the Iron Man,” says Commander John Collins, the man behind this ultimate challenge. Swim 2.4 miles , Bike 112 miles, Run 26.2 miles. Back to back to back.

Leicester, February 1978. In the same week that the Ironman was born, so was I. 30 years on, and for some strange reason – totally unrelated to our coincidentally shared birth date – I decided to join the Ironman fraternity.

The title of this site represents the time period during which my focused Ironman training will take place. But over the last few years spent delving deeper and deeper into the world of endurance events I’ve come to realise it’s a 365-days-a-year commitment, come wind, rain or snow; the hours upon hours of hard work really do justify the satisfaction of completing a challenge or achieving a new best time. I hope that through chronicalling my experiences I can share – or, better still, trade – thoughts, insights, trials and tribulations with others out there that have caught the endurance event bug.